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How to Cheat Online Casinos

Honest players best run online casinos. You’re in it to make money, and cheaters will cause you to lose money. Knowing how to cheat online casinos is useful if you are a casino player.

Here are some tips and tricks online gamblers use to cheat online casinos. However, I do not encourage you to copy my actions. If you are going to gamble at an online casino, I recommend that you do it for entertainment.

This recommendation is based on 2 reasons:

First, cheating is intrinsically dishonest. I believe in a moral code. One of the most fundamental aspects of moral codes is honesty.

The second reason is that cheating is unlikely to be tolerated. Strong security is a hallmark of most online casinos. Online casinos are so old that most people have heard it all. You’re going to have to win them over.

Here are some tricks that cheaters use to make online gambling profitable:

Bonus abuse

It is the easiest and most common way to cheat in an online casino. Some players may even claim that this isn’t cheating. You can take advantage of the bonus, but as long as you comply with the terms and conditions, it is not cheating.

Let me explain casino signup bonuses in more detail if you’re a novice.

Online casinos often offer incentives to new players when they sign up. That is usually in credit or chips, often expressed as a percentage.

You might, for example, sign up at a casino offering a 100% signup bonus on your first deposit of up to $1000

The casino will match any amount you deposit up to $1000 in chips. You get $1000 extra to play with if you deposit $1000. Instead of a $1000 bankroll, you would start with a $2000 account.

These bonuses can be divided into two types: cashable and non-cashable.

Cashable bonuses are those that you can cash out after meeting the casino’s wagering requirements. I’ll be writing more about wagering requirements shortly.

Non-cashable bonuses are those that can’t be cashed out. You can further subdivide non-cashable bonuses into sticky bonuses or non-sticky bonuses.

Let’s start with wagering requirements.

Before you can cash out, casinos require that you wager a minimum amount. That is usually a multiplier of your deposit plus a bonus. You might have to wager 35X your bonus and deposit before you can cash out.

You can start with $1000 and then add a $1000 bonus to get $2000. You must place $70,000 worth of bets to qualify for cashout.

A novice may think it’s impossible to win, but your bets will usually result in a win.

Cashable bonuses allow you to cash out any money still in your account.

You can cash out any bonus that is not cashable, except for the non-cashable bonuses.

If the non-cashable bonus you receive is a phantom, it will disappear from your account when you cash out.

Your account will remain intact if your non-cashable bonus amount is a sticky bonus. It can’t be cashed out, but you can still gamble. The bonus can be redeemed multiple times, and you can keep cashing until the bonus is gone.

Here’s an example.

Deposit $1000 to claim your $1000 bonus. You play until you meet the $70,000 wagering requirement and then get $1500.

You can cash out $1500 if you have a cashable Bonus. That is a case where you have made a profit. For $500, you started with $1000 and cashed out $1500.

You can only cash out $500 if you have a non-cashable Bonus. The $1000 bonus would disappear from your account, and you would have $0. You could withdraw the $500 to cash out the sticky bonus and then play with the $1000 once more. You can’t withdraw the $1000, though.

Some players are intelligent enough to see that their expected loss is low enough to guarantee a statistical profit if they play the right strategy and games.

If you play perfect strategy blackjack with a 0.5% house edge, you would only lose $350. That would leave you with $1650. You would expect to make $650 if it was a cashable bonus.

That is just an assumption. Your results may be different in real life. You are more likely to get the expected results the more you place bets. That is known as the Law of Large Numbers.

You’re likely to make a profit if the bonus is cashable.

Casinos, however, thwart this in many ways.

They usually limit your play to games with the highest house edges. You would expect to lose $3500 if you play slot machines with an average house advantage of 5%, which is better than average slot machine games.

You’d statistically be most likely to go bankrupt in such a situation.

Sometimes, casinos that do not restrict your play only give partial credit for games with a low house edge. Some casinos only allow you to wager 10% on blackjack as part of their wagering requirements. In the example above, you must invest $700,000 before a cash-out.

You can mathematically see the potential profit from the bonus casino offer if you can find it. The casino is aware of the advantage of players like yourself. Most online casinos have a clause in their terms and conditions that allows them to refuse withdrawals to players suspected of using bonus abuse.

Does bonus abuse constitute cheating?

This blogger believes it is only cheating not to follow the terms and conditions for the signup bonus. You are not cheating if you meet the conditions set by the casino for the bonus Gambling Sites Cheaters.

However, the casinos may have a different opinion. You’ll be noticed if you play enough to meet the wagering requirements for withdrawals.

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