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New EBook About Gambling On Amazon

An eBook author contacted me with a new eBook about gambling on Amazon. He asked if I would like to review it. Alan Samonte’s new book on gambling, “The Gambling System That Works”, sounds interesting and I believe he is addressing a major trend. It’s almost as if we have seen an increase in the number gamblers in recent months.

Surprisingly, I have done some writing about gambling. After traveling all over the US, I’ve visited most of the major gambling areas and some smaller ones, mostly on Indian Reservations, near state lines or rivers.

playing at the slot machines

Yes, I have seen enthralled senior citizens playing at the slot machines. They were brought in by busloads of Asian tourists and high-rollers. I have also been to Las Vegas’ outskirts where “Shanty Towns”, which are very similar to those in “Pay it Forward”, can be found. I have met both gambling addicts and people who enjoy having fun, but I am not a professional. It seems like things are getting worse in the gambling industry, which I cannot explain.

I conclude that the economy and future prospects are responsible for some of these problems. The rest can be attributed to good marketing and branding as well as all the incentives, players clubs and special offers. It’s a great way for those who enjoy having fun, but don’t gamble or spend too much. There are many sad stories, but we live in a country where we have the freedom to choose.

Why is gambling on the rise for me? It seems that gambling is on the rise everywhere I look – in the media, online, and in real life.

Japan Today published a story recently about Japan’s desire to allow gambling in Japan. It stated that the government needed the money and could tax the revenue, as opposed to losing out on Japanese travel to Macau and Singapore.

forced to legalize online gambling

Reports suggest that the US Congress could be forced to legalize online gambling, if they first clean up the illegal online gambling sector. The WSJ published an article entitled “Gambling Site Bodog Shut down Amid Ongoing Crackdown” and “US Shuts Sports Betting Site, Indicts Bodog’ on February 28, 2012.

On Leap Day 2012, there was a cool article in Atlanta Business Journal titled “Developer proposes $1B gambling complex” written by Carla Caldwell. It stated that a GA Developer wanted to build a casino, theater, and a gaming floor with 7,500 lottery machines. This would generate $350M annually to the state’s struggling HOPE scholarship program. Although state legislators are looking for ways to support HOPE, gambling proposals do not usually gain widespread support.

CBS News aired a segment on March 1, 2012 called “Florida House votes against so-called Internet Cafes”. It discussed how people were gambling online and going to Internet Coffee shops. The Cafe said that they don’t tell people what they are allowed to do online even though they have set up the place for this purpose. One legislator stated in a dramatic way that FL legislators had voted to close 1,000 such’storefront operations.

These are the crack cocaine of gambling,” the segment said. Internet cafes sell either time or phone cards to customers. They also allow customers to redeem electronic sweepstakes for computers that simulate casino-style games.

What is it that makes gambling so fascinating? There is a psychological reason that human gambling is so popular. I believe that this will only increase as our society continues to pursue the path of instant information and entertainment. Also, we will need continuous mental stimulation. Gambling certainly provides that with all its thrills, fear, excitement, and fun.

There are many Indian Casinos in California that offer deals on food and gambling. However, gambling in CA is illegal. These casinos are located on Indian Property, which is common in the US. Gambling is so much fun that it draws people from all walks, including grandmothers, CEOs and the unemployed. It transcends all boundaries of race, religion and nationality. Gambling is a natural human activity. I doubt that we can stop it.

People won’t gamble at casinos if they don’t want to, but they will do so at the stock market, horse track, or any other place where they can bet on chance and make a profit. In fact, I hope that you will consider this information and take the time to think about it.


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