July 21, 2024
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Super Joker – Apply Now and Get 100 Baht Free!

The SUPER JOKER game will be a very popular one in 2022, as it is based on a new game like PP Slot. It is a game that makes the players happy. This game is based on a main character who will be the clown. He will provide something exciting and special to bettors of multiple channels. In this game, there are also several related symbols. I can tell you, bettors that enjoy this kind of game shouldn’t miss it.

This SLOT BET is also a colorful, glittering game. This game is perfect for those who don’t like dull games. It also has sharp graphics. The game is still stable and flows well. It’s a 3D-level. It is a very special game. This game is perfect for players with a small budget. They can bet as little as 1 Baht and still make a profit.


This game has a theme about clowns. This time, he’ll be bringing color to the game and generating profits for gamblers. The graphics can rotate smoothly without any stutters, and the soundtrack of the game can tell that some bettors don’t expect sound effects in a simple game because they only want to win. But I can assure you, the sound this time around makes it more enjoyable to play.


SUPER JOKER REVIEW This video game has only three pay lines. The payouts come from the combination of 3 identical symbols. The winning conditions are determined by the type of symbol. However, the payout is determined by the order in which the symbols appear on the reels. Players can choose to set a 1.00 Baht minimum wager, or a 3,000.00 Baht maximum, and also change their currency. You can change the currency at any time. The RTP is 97.

The symbols in the game

Entry to Betfig The game has a medium game volatility, which makes it pay out consistently. The payout times for the game mechanics vary from very low to extremely high. Even though this is a 3-reel, 3-row game, the betting lines are simple to understand. There are only 5 fixed lines. This small shaft is thought to give bettors a better chance of winning because it allows almost all betting lines เว็บสล็อตแท้ 100%.

The SLOT DEMO has 9 symbols in total, including diamonds, stars, bells, cherries, and 3 bars. This game’s character is based on the special WILD symbols, which can replace all other symbols. As well as rewarding the bettors, you can also give them a wheel with a multiplier double.

  1. This is the symbol of a jester. This symbol is a jester. This symbol is used in a game where 3 symbols of the same kind are displayed. The payout for this will be 150X the original stake. This special WILD SYMBOL can replace all the symbols of the game and increase payouts for high bonuses. It also causes a wheel with a two-fold multiplier.

special diamond symbol

  1. This is a symbol that looks like a diamond. This is the symbol with the most rewarding payout in the game. This symbol, if the WILD is not included, will provide payout odds when three identical symbols appear, with an award of up to 50X the wager. This is the symbol with the best odds in the game.

Special Symbol Golden Bell

  1. This symbol has a golden image of a bell. This is the second most valuable symbol of this game. This symbol, if WILD symbols have been excluded, will offer payout odds when three identical symbols appear, with an amount of 30X the original bet. This is the symbol with the second-highest odds in the game.

special symbol gold star

  1. This is a star-shaped symbol. This is the game’s third-highest reward symbol. This symbol, if the WILD is not included, will provide payout odds based on 3 identical symbols being released. The payout for this combination of three equal symbols would be 20X the original stake. This is the symbol that increases the odds in the game.

special symbol lemon

  1. This is a yellow symbol. This is the game’s fourth-highest-paying symbol. This symbol, if the WILD is not included, will pay out odds to 3 similar symbols, with a payout 14X the original bet. This is the fourth-highest betting symbol of the game.

Double Multiplier Wheel Feature

  1. Double Multiplier Wheel will be activated if the Full Screen symbol is overlapping with a WILD symbol or the same symbol. On the screen, two lucky wheels appear. It will then spin the lower reel and award a multiplier for the prize amount. This can be either 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, or UP, which causes the game to advance to spin the top reel. If the top wheel is spun and a multiplier for the spin sum is awarded, the game will move up to spin the upper reel.


This game is a favorite of those who enjoy simple games, with few lines and reels. Watch the game for just a few moments. The game itself is interesting. The PP camp gives away the bets placed each time to add more beauty, and also have a better chance of generating extra income. The jackpot is still broken often in this game. There’s also a pattern of moderate volatility. BETFLIX organizes very interesting promotions for all players. Giveaways to new and experienced gamblers.

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